Apple iwatch: Best Seller 2018

Apple is always new and improved! Lately, they have better facial recognition for their iphone.   A fresh take on the intelligent speaker was announced last June for iphones. Not to mention the Apple ipad was an instant success in 2010.


This year ~ 2018 ~ best-selling Apple iWatch Series 3, with a GPS and cellular connectivity has made its mark. that means the iWatch syncs with the iphone (with distance restrictions). Apple calls it a meaningful consumer experience.

Apple’s rumoured iWatch might not have phone-capability as yet but the company’s initial foray into wrist-worn gadgetry is predicted to have a navigation system, health and fitness monitoring features and a Siri-like natural language interface – so you’ll still be able to talk to your device (a la Tick-Tock Tracy?) from

WATERPROOF watch – on your vacation
What are we talking about apple watches? They are waterproof! You can go swimming on your vacation and still be able to contact others and read messages. A t Waypoint Vacation Co-op, we recommend the Apple watch. It’s good for a backup if your phone dies. A lot of benefits. What if you go out and forget your phone. You can reach anyone through your Apple watch – send a text! If you are lost in the city on your travels, see where you are. Look at the GPS on your watch.
REMEMBER Dick Tracy?
Apple’s noteworthy designers from Nike, Yves St.Laurent, etc. have put their creative heads together to come up with their best designs. Shades of Steve Jobs, who’s prime interest was in the value of the ‘LOOK’. He had a good point. If it looks good ‘more’ people will ultimately buy the iWatch.


Oh, and you’ll also be able to use it to tell the time.
The apple watch was first launched in 2014. Apple’s latest Series 3 model allows you to sync with your iphone. If you can’t find your phone, ping it with your iWatch! Are you strolling along the beach? Press you music icon/app on your iWatch and start listening to your favorite tunes.
Three Apple Watch collections – standard, Sport and 18K gold Apple Watch Edition.
Your Standard iWatch
THE WATERPROOF IWATCH For Your Waypoint Vacation Co-op Destinations.
DIVING 330 feet..check it out!
One of our staff members at Waypoint Vacation Co-op has the iWatch series3 in white. We talked about the waterproof feature and Cindy turns on this feature before washing dishes or cooking in the kitchen.

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